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Welcome to "The Country Mile" - Our Blogs...Our Way!

Check out our blogs for tips, ideas, product suggestions, social awareness articles, business updates, and sometimes just plain useless bits of information that you never knew you actually needed!

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Welcome to the Allingtons Outpost Blogs! Check-in regularly for tips and guides, information and articles and sometimes just useless bits of info you didn't know you needed.

A ‘Country Mile’ is a term used to describe an undetermined unit of measure. It can mean many things to many people. Read on to find out what the ‘Country Mile’ means to us.

What does your favorite workwear brand and style say about you? Clock off for 'smoko and join us as we delve into the world of workwear and uncover the hidden messages behind your choice.

While you frantically click refresh to get that huge deal or engage in the inevitable shopping cart aisle rage, have you ever sat back and wondered how it got to all of this? Buckle up, as we unravel the story behind Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

From their hats to their boots, Country people are iconic people. Warm, strong, capable, generous and efficient, their doors are always open, their kettle is always on. To them, their clothing isn't just a look, it's a lifestyle....

Need some tips on matching your new Western Cowgirl Boots with a Dress or Skirt? Whether you're channeling Taylor Swift or Beth Dutton, our quick guide will have you looking your best!

What Aussie words & phrases define you? Are you Aussie As….“a late-night trip to Macca’s”, “shrimp on the barbie”, “Cricket at the G”, “a Fair Dinkum’ good time”, or just simply “G’day Mate!”.

More traditionally known as the half-placket shirt, this versatile little shirt has stood the test of time with brands like Thomas Cook, Just Country, and more recently Bullzye & Ringers Western jumping on the half-button shirt wagon!

Discover heartwarming Christmas traditions that bring joy and lasting memories to the holiday season. From rustic decor to timeless festivities, explore cherished practices that make Christmas truly special.

Before the stockings are hung and festive lights are strung, we all get the chance to embrace our spooky side, indulge in sweet treats, and put together some unforgettable Halloween costumes. read on for some SPOOKY inspiration....

Are you about to head off on a hiking trip? Find out what to look for in a good walking boot and get some suggestions on just a few of the amazing and beautiful places to hike in Australia.

Work pants are work pants... right? Well, I attempted to buy a new pair of work pants for my tradie partner, and apparently not! Not even a Swiss Army Knife has this many options...

There’s nothing quite like finding a pair of boots that are absolutely perfect. Here's a customer's review of one such boot and why they just might be the perfect boot for you too.

For some people, chocolate isn't everything at Easter. Here are a few reasons why we think a new Rugby or a pair of Western Boots is better than a chocolate egg this Easter.

You might call them a Rugby Jersey, a Rugby Jumper, or a Rugby Shirt. At Allingtons, we call them a Rugby Top. Have you ever wondered where the Rugby came from and why it's called a Rugby?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a wide brimmed hat, but Australians have developed their own distinctive style, and it turns out the world loves it.

Some people reckon the first love for any little boy is his Mum. I’ve also heard it said that for a little girl, her first love is her father. Further to that - for a boy - his first hero is his Dad. For some of us, that means that our next love needs...

Whether you are a Biological Dad, Adoptive Dad, Stepdad, Fur Dad, Grandad, Great Grandad, or that special Father figure in someone's life. you deserve to be celebrated.

Planning a bit of an adventure but don't know what to take? We look at some of our top picks and why they're essential for your next trip.

The stockwhip - the most common type of whip used in Australia - is said to have originated from the English hunting whip

Over the past few years 'safety joggers' or 'safety sneakers' have been developed - and they're changing the face of safety footwear! So, can you make the switch to safety joggers on your worksite?

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Reflector Tape, no Reflector Tape.... Confused about what Hi-Vis gear is the best for you? We break it down for you in our easy-to-read blog.

Whether you're strolling the city streets, sweating it out on the worksite, or roping a steer at the rodeo, stay sun smart, safe, and stylish with the Allingtons range of Country, Work and Western Wear.

With so many styles of work boots and shoes on the market right now it can be hard to determine which is the best choice of safety footwear. Composite or Steel? Here are some tips to help you get the most from your biggest workwear investment.

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Fabulous Western Shirts

By: on 13 July 2022
My Husband has been looking for Embroidered Western Shirts .Wow found one on your site ordered the Black Shirt with fabulous White embroidered Pattern on the front of the shirt and the back . Looks great size was spot on and I have one happy Husband will definately be buying again from Allingtons .

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