Thomas Cook began making boots in Melbourne, Victoria in 1924. Since then the Thomas Cook boot and Clothing Company has become a symbol of endurance creating an identity through generations of tradition ingrained in the spirit of the bush.

The Thomas Cook brand we associate with today is committed to bridging the gap between urban and rural life, with an extensive range of boots and clothing perfect for every facet of life, country or city.

 Thomas Cook boots offer a range of safety and soft toe styles, as well as a range of motorcycle boots, focusing on safety style and comfort, complimented by a large range of leather belts and wallets and an extensive clothing range.

You will find the Thomas Cook clothing stock lines perfect for work, in particular thermal and comfort waist jeans, moleskins and the legendary ½ button shirt. The seasonal clothing ranges, including shirts, jeans, featuring the Wonder Jeans range for Women, skirts, polo’s and  rugby’s, with their style and superb designs, are perfect for any occasion.

The successful introduction of Amphibian, Pure Western and Equestrian brands compliment the already comprehensive range of Thomas Cook products, all offering innovative designs, quality, versatility and durability.