Everything Oilskin

Oilskin fabric is engineered to keep the wearer dry in the heaviest of thunderstorms, while being strong enough to withstand working life on the land.

Originally created by a Scottish sailor in New Zealand, Oilskin may have had an international beginning, but over the years the traditional oilskin coat has become synonymous with the Australian bush lifestyle.

The current oilskin riding coats and stockman oilskin coats with rear saddle gussets are an adaptation of the original full length oilskin coat. In recent years we have seen the development of women's oilskin coats with a more feminine cut, 3/4 oilskin coats, short oilskin coats, oilskin vests and oilskin pants.

More recent additions to our range include dog coats, boot guards and hats.