Specialising in manufacturing industrial boots since 1993, Mack is a brand well known amongst Australia’s workforce for quality and durability.

Mack safety boots are available in the conventional, highly durable steel toe as well as the new innovation light weight composite (non metal) toe.  This new technology makes them the choice shoe for fly in fly out workers and those frequenting sites with metal detectors. With additional safety features such as water repellent uppers, rubber soles, arch and heel support, oil, acid and hydrolysis resistance and heat resistant to 300°C. Steel and composite toe Mack boots meet and in many cases exceed Australian safety standards.

The latest boot styles in the Mack safety and non safety range are highly durable and more comfortable due to the introduction of gel foot beds.

Mack is continually developing a range of footwear to keep up with the changing trends of the market. With new and improved technologies and focusing on providing a range of footwear to suit all workers needs, with quality, comfort and at an affordable price.