In the 1930’s  David K Laidlaw founded a small clothing company in Brunswick Victoria. With high hopes for its success, he named the company “Yakka”, a name derived from the Aboriginal word meaning “work”.  Not long after the original name was developed, the company became known as “Hard Yakka” and making its mark on the Australian working population.

Since the turn of the century, Hard Yakka have supplied Australian workers with a large range of basic work wear; long and short sleeve shirts, cotton drill trousers, denim jeans, shorts, moleskins and permanent press lines. 

Hard Yakka continues to grow and innovate in the workwear category. The company introduced several new lines since the early 2000's. The Hard Yakka Xtreme range is built tough to provide maximum protection and comfort for those working in extreme conditions and more recently, the 3056: Born in Brunswick range, a fashionable range of functional workwear, where you can look good while you're doing the hard yards. A growing range of quality safety workboots means Hard Yakka have you covered top to bottom!

From humble beginnings in a suburban house, Hard Yakka has become one of the most recognized brands in the country, and one of the largest suppliers of workwear in the Southern Hemisphere. There’s still much to be achieved and so the hard work continues.