What Your Favourite Workwear Brand Says About You

Author: Warren Schutt   Date Posted:11 March 2024 

From Blundstone to Steel Blue, what does your workwear say about you?

An Aussie worksite is full of characters; from your skilled old battlers to your young, cheeky apprentices. In the world of workwear, the brand you choose and how you wear it, speaks volumes about who you are.
No matter how old you are, your workwear can say a lot about you!  So take a quick smoko' and see which one of my tongue-in-cheek brand personalities fits you best!


Firstly we've got the site workhorse. Your Blundstones are inevitably caked in 12 layers of mud. Your lunch is probably a kransky and a pie 5 days of the week… best served with a Farmers Union iced coffee.

(For our non South Australian readers, it’s the best iced coffee known to man)… 


Arguably the most loyal tradies in the game. Just like our Mongrel wearers (coming up soon), you love an Aussie made boot: you absolute patriot!  You never stop talking about how great your Steel Blues are, and they refuse to wear any other type of boots. 

Steel Blue wearers also make great husbands and boyfriends for this reason. 


You’re a rootin tootin farmer in your John Deere! You’re chuffed you got a free cap with your thousands of dollars of farm equipment. You bleed the colour green and you’re never seen in anything else. Yellowstone is probably your favourite television series and you're training your kids to be future farmers with our range of John Deere toys

Exhibit A: a John Deere wearer can always be spotted wearing the trademark cap with his outfit.


CAT wearers are tough as nails. You can't help but name every kind of truck that you drive past. You've had the same Chinook jacket for the past 10 winters and you refuse to buy another. 

You’ve got a different hoodie for every day of the week. 


You've got that dawg in you! You love everything Aussie-made and you love to support local. A good side-zip is your favourite kind of boot.  You’re a homegrown hero who’s never afraid to get the job done. 

Side note: Mongrel is also my favourite brand, so you're alright in my books...


6. Pilbara Half Buttons 
You can be seen pairing your Pilbara with a pair of footy shorts and some Ariat boots; and with almost every colour available to choose from, you don't mind keeping 'em guessing. 

You’ve always got a kelpie by your side whether you’re in the truck or out in the stables.

Two of our favourite Pilbara wearers, Zav (left) and Andrew (right).


7. FXD
If you’re rocking Function by Design (FXD), you could be the coolest guy on site. Tattoos are obligatory and you may get caught on your phone too much.

You sleep in your WP4s and run solely on energy drinks to keep you going. Pair these with a set of Globe socks and you're ready to hit the site: skater style!
These guys and gals are also just discovering the new brand on the block...X/DMG...It's kind of like the Gen Alpha brand to all the FXD-wearing Zoomers!


No matter which personality you are on the site, the farm, or the house, we're here to provide the style that's right for you! Check out our full range of workwear and find your style. It's tradies that make this country great, so let's all celebrate with "cheers" (and a beer). 

Disclaimer: No tradies egos were shattered or offended in obtaining the very dodgy research used to support the content of this blog post.


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