Safety Joggers - Are they a Better Shoe for You?

Author: Gracie   Date Posted:23 June 2023 

When choosing a shoe for work there are standards. They may be annoying standards, but they're still there...

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to choose a bulky boot though! Over the past few years 'safety joggers' or 'safety sneakers' have been developed - and they're changing the face of safety footwear! So, can you make the switch to safety joggers on your worksite? 

Can I wear my Joggers to work?

Maybe... maybe not. It's best to check with your employer. Safety Joggers are a great option if you want to be quick on your feet - and safe. If you're clocking up those steps in the 10's of 1000's at work everyday, chances are safety joggers will suit you well!

They're not like your old pair of Adidas or New Balance sitting at the back of your wardrobe. Whilst a typical pair of jogging shoes are a great option for pounding the pavement or hitting the gym - with incredible arch support - they are somewhat lacking when it comes to what's required on a worksite. (Having said that, you may decide that you want safety sneakers for the gym too if you've ever been unfortunate enough to drop a weight or a barbell on your foot... )

So, what do you need on the worksite?


  1. Toe Protection

Most Safety Joggers have composite toe caps. Composite toes are lightweight compared to steel toes, but still offer a high level of protection to the wearer. 

  1. Australian standards

Safety Joggers should meet Australian and New Zealand standards 2210.3:2009. This means that your toe caps should be able to withstand at least 200 joules. 


Safety Jogger Vs. Safety Boot

So, we know that both Safety Joggers AND boots offer protection that meets Australian Safety standards, but why would you choose a jogger over a standard safety boot? 

Well, as we mentioned, joggers are typically known for their use in situations that require agility, or where you clock up a lot of steps. 

With heel and arch support like a standard jogging shoe, but without the bulk of a boot, you'll be quick on your feet and still be safe. They're awesome for factory and warehouse environments.

That being said, safety joggers may not be suitable for fields such as security and policing, which require full foot and ankle protection. Ask your employer if safety joggers can be approved for your work site!

Good footwear can also help you to keep your body correctly aligned while you work. Boots are often made of less ventilated material that offers better protection from things such as chemical spills and extreme weather conditions, while joggers are typically much more breathable. 

What types of safety joggers are available? Lots of them! At Allingtons we have a wide variety of brands and styles to choose from so that you can always be work ready - whatever that looks like for you. 

From slip-ons to lace-ups from Blundstone, FXD, Puma and more, we have something for everyone. See you in-store to to try on a few options and get fitted! 

Have you already got a pair of safety joggers? What do you love about them? Tell us in the comments below!


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