Australian owned and operated for over 130 years Akubra (Aboriginal for “head covering”) has been crafting hats from start to finish, with no less than 11 separate procedures.

The Akubra hat felt is made from the soft underside of rabbit, interlocked in every direction to make the lightest, strongest and most water repellent fabric known to man. The natural water proofing qualities of the animal fibres themselves, also add extra protection.

With the increased awareness of skin cancer, Akubra hats are more popular than ever. Designed with features including wider brims and a UPF rating of 50+ you are assured of maximum protection from the sun.

The iconic Akubra has been worn by soldiers, politicians, Olympians celebrities and of course the hard working loyal country men and women.

International exposure was gained when 2 Akubra hat styles were featured in the movies Crocodile Dundee (The Croc) and The Man from Snowy River (Snowy River). Greg Norman is also an influential ambassador for Akubra showcasing the Great White Shark on the world stage.

Aside from simply being a hat, there are many more, less obvious uses for the Akubra; shading a horse’s eye, carrying eggs, watering animals and fanning fires, making the Akubra multi functional and essential to the Aussie way of life.

Currently manufacturing over 100 individual styles in a range of popular colours, the Akubra is sold in hundreds of urban and remote rural outlets across the country as well as exporting to meet the demands of a growing international market.