Ariat Heritage Roughstock Boots - A Five Star Boot

Author: Matthew Brennan & Blake   Date Posted:15 March 2023 

There’s nothing quite like finding a pair of boots that are absolutely perfect. A pair that ticks every box imaginable and from the very moment you slip them on you know you’ve got them for life. Although it’s quite rare, it does happen on occasion and today we’d like to share one such story from one of our very own customers. With his multiple pairs of Ariat Heritage Roughstock Boots over the years, we will let him tell you why they might just be the perfect pair you're waiting for.

Ariat Mens Heritage Roughstock Boots (10002227) Brown Rowdy Toe Ariat Mens Heritage Roughstock Boots (10002227) Brown Rowdy Heel

Ariat Mens Heritage Roughstock Boots (10002227) Brown Rowdy



“My review is for the Ariat Heritage Roughstock boots in the oiled Brown Rowdy leather finish. This is my 3rd pair of Ariat Heritage Roughstock boots. My first pair of Roughstocks is 4 years old and have been used as dress boots from day one, my 2nd pair is nearly 3 years old and has been worn 3 to 4 days per week over the cooler months of the year as a working pair. I own 5 other models of Ariat western boots apart from the Roughstocks. The Heritage Roughstock is my favourite model and the only model I own multiple pairs of. These boots have true old fashioned longevity. 


Care and Wear

I oil and condition all my boots regularly - apart from flexing creases in the vamp the original pair of Roughstocks look like they were unboxed last week. The working pair have plenty of superficial marks in the heels, toes and vamp leather but the leather is very resistant to deep gouging and all of the stitching bar two minor threads in the shaft margins is intact. The welt stitching is as good as any custom boot and the rubberised Duratread soles provide amply dry and wet surface grip yet seem to wear down at a glacial pace. The Heritage Roughstock can be resoled but I'll be wearing the uppers out before the soles wear down I suspect.

Joseph Lyddy Dubbin Fiebing's Distressed Leather Conditioner

Blundstone Polishing Pad


What separates Heritage Roughstocks from the rest

Ariat Heritage Roughstock boots seem to be manufactured with heavier grade leather than all of the other Ariat models I own and the extra leather stitched on as a saddle vamp makes the upper carcass stiff, very much more so than a comparable pair of Sport Herdsman, Venttek Ultras or Butte. Therefore you will have to wear a pair of heritage Roughstocks in at a gradual pace. This is a stiffer pair of boots but the extra time spent wearing them in pays off with longevity. 


A Comfortable Fit

Despite the Roughstock being an initially stiff-bodied boot, I find them ultimately the most comfortable and best fitting Ariat western boot model. I have slightly wider feet and always buy Ariat in the EE width. I also find the narrow square toe the perfect toe box shape for my foot - the wide square toe boots have the front of my foot sliding from side to side inside the toe box . I take a size 9 in Ariat boots - I usually wear size 10 brand-name running shoes. These are a comfortable boot, all day kind of comfort. The Cuban heel shape and extra height make little difference to me when I'm bending / squatting / crouching. As an outdoor farm worker I have no issues with these boots in stationary stability and I find the slightly taller heel does wonders for my walking gait and posture compared to the lower heel models.



In summary, the Ariat Heritage Roughstock boot is a sharp-looking boot and remains cosmetically pleasing with just a little cleaning and conditioning. They are a heavier-duty boot compared to most Ariat western boots and require breaking in but they do wear much slower than other models in my experience. If you want a harder-wearing western work boot with grippy soles but plenty of comfort then these are your boots!”

-- Matthew Brennan


Well there you have it, a short tale of a perfect pair of boots straight from the horse's mouth.

Thankyou Matthew Brennan for your wonderful review on the Ariat Heritage Roughstock boots. Whether it’s out working on the farm or dressing up for an occasion, these boots are proven to be up for the task. If this sounds like what you've been searching for then head in-store today and give them a try, they might just be your perfect pair too.


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