How to Wear Western Boots with a Dress

Author: Ash Barlow   Date Posted:10 March 2023 

Lilac Bridesmaid dresses and White Bride dress with Western Boots

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Pairing Country Style or Western Boots with a Dress can be a stylish option for any occasion. Whether you're going for a casual or dressy look in Summer or Winter, there are several ways to make this pairing work.

Check out the simple tips below and you will be well on your way to channelling your inner Taylor Swift…or Beth Dutton... or whoever floats your boat!


Ankle Boots or Calf Boots? What height fits my outfit best?

Choose the right height: Depending on the length of your dress, you may want to opt for ankle boots, mid-calf boots, or knee-high boots. Ankle boots are a versatile option that can work with shorter dresses, while knee-high boots can look great with any length dress or even a mini skirt!

Do you want your colour choice to blend or make a statement?

Decide whether you want your dress to be the focus, or your boots. This will make a big difference to the style and colour you choose.

Consider the colour: Western boots come in a range of colours, from classic brown and black to more colourful options. When choosing a colour, think about your dress. Do you want something that makes a statement and complements it, or something neutral so that the dress is the focus of your outfit? You might even want a colour that is a more vibrant shade of a colour featured in your dress.


To bling or not to bling! It's all in the details.

Pay attention to details: Western boots often feature decorative stitching, metal detailing, and other embellishments. Pay attention to these details and choose boots that have a similar aesthetic to your dress.


Suede, Distressed leather, Synthetic, Shiny…So many choices!

Choose the right material: Western boots can be made from leather, fabric, or other synthetic materials. Consider the fabric of your dress and choose boots that have a similar texture or sheen. An outfit with a shiny leather Belt will match perfectly with a shiny boot finish, whereas a suede or distressed leather finish may work better with a soft flowy dress or a denim dress.


What Style should I choose?

Chunky boots with big buckles and heavy embroidery often work better in Winter. A woollen dress or skirt, tights, and a pair of chunky boots in a darker colour are perfect for a rainy day.
A soft flowy sun dress would be perfect for a pair of ankle boots in lighter colours on a Spring day. Some tassels thrown in and maybe a bit of bling or shiny stitching, and you're ready to get out there and show the world what you’ve got!


Whatever your preference, style, brand loyalty or budget, there is never a wrong choice. It’s all about the style that fits you best, that gives you a spring in your step and makes you feel confident.

With beautiful styles and designs from Ariat, Roper, Twisted X and many more across the Allingtons Country & Western Boot range, we guarantee there’ll be a style for you!

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