R.M. Williams

R.M.Williams was a SA born bushman who, in 1932 crafted his first pair of riding boots. Drawing on his bush and horse riding experience, RM knew his boots had to be durable enough to outlast the harshest bush conditions yet handsome enough to be polished up and worn in town. These hand crafted riding boots were made with the now signature trademark feature of a whole piece of high quality leather with a single line of stitching at the back. A recent technological addition to the RM boot range is the Comfort and Dynamic Flex technology, available in the Craftsman and Turnout styles. R.M.Williams also offer an extensive clothing range including Moleskins, made from 15 oz 100% cotton and a range of fashion and work wear jeans for both men and women. These core lines are complimented by a summer and winter seasonal range including Tees, vests, shorts, jumpers, shirts, polo’s, rugby’s and caps. Stickers and auto accessories complete the range.

In recent years R.M.Williams has released its stockyard work wear range of clothing. The line was developed in conjunction with people in the bush and on the land, in order to deliver a practical, stylish and durable range at a competitive price.

R.M.Williams still manufacture boots, jeans, belts and accessories at their factory in SA, with 50 retail stores across the country, two international stores and over 900 stockists worldwide.