Not Just a Look, it's a Lifestyle

Author: Gracie   Date Posted:27 September 2023 


There’s a certain something that country people seem to carry with them everywhere they go.


Call it an aura, a feel, an atmosphere, an attitude… whatever it is, it’s tangible, and it’s good. It’s a kind of peace, maybe a contentment, something that’s bigger than them, something that only seems to come from living on the land. Even though their whole livelihood is wrapped up in the weather, the rain, the price of grain or livestock, the export market and the attitude of people who have no idea what farming is about (all of which they have absolutely no control over) there is still this something about country people that gives you permission to just… be. From their hats to their boots, they are iconic people. Warm, strong, capable, generous and efficient, their doors are always open, their kettle is always on, and they do hospitality like no one else.

Personally, I have great admiration for their dedication, and great respect for their depth of knowledge in their own field(s). (Pun intended) Gone are the days when farming was guesswork, gut feel, past experience and luck. Most farmers now have a university degree or three under their belt, (plus all the aforementioned resources) and they are not only doing what their family has done for years, they are on the cutting edge of research and development that has improved their farming practices in our land ‘of droughts and flooding rains’ - and most of us don’t even know it.

From this lifestyle comes a look that we are all familiar with. Even if you think you aren’t, you probably are if you take a couple of minutes to ponder it.

Country style is like no other.

It’s classic, stylish, versatile, comfortable, practical, and smart. You can dress it up or keep it casual. You can work in it, hit the town or the swag in it, crash the pub or the country club in it, and be perfectly dressed for all of it.

And people are cottoning on to this. Because country style is classic, and it just doesn't go out of fashion. Take Shania Twain, Faith Hill or Sheryl Crow. The ‘cutting’ edge fashion they wore in the 90’s is still on trend today. If you don't believe me, check them out here. You probably have a few country style garments in your wardrobe that you never even knew were ‘country’. They’ll be the ones that you get out again every season because they wash and wear better than anything else, and they’re still on trend!

Not to be outdone, western style is similar in many ways.

It has all the practicality and versatility of country style with the addition of snaps, western yokes, western prints, bling, and a whole new world of coloured, embroidered, tooled or stamped head-turning boots and belts. It’s your chance to dress country and show off. According to leading sources, ‘cowboy core’ is ‘having a moment’. There’s no doubt the popularity of the TV series Yellowstone and appearances of celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski, Harry Styles and Beyonce in western hats has raised the profile of the western look. As a result, you probably also have a few garments in your wardrobe that embrace elements of western style. You’ve probably integrated them into your everyday casual collection without even knowing. And you’re probably known for your unique style and the way you carry it off, but you haven’t realized that either.

Country and western style is indeed more than a ‘look’. It speaks volumes about the wearer, and it’s all good. It’s ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘getting back to our roots’ and being comfortable and stylish while we do it.

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