A Country Themed Halloween? Yes, you can pull it off!

Author: Amelia Phillips   Date Posted:26 October 2023 

Are you Halloween ready? With Orange Pumpkins

The weather has turned warmer, daylight savings has kicked in (in some parts of our beautiful country). We know Christmas is just around the corner and the shops are bulging with Halloween skeletons and witch's outfits right next to a Christmas tree!

But before the stockings are hung and festive lights are strung, we all get the chance to embrace our spooky side, indulge in sweet treats, and of course, put together some unforgettable Halloween costumes.

But what if you're a country-loving soul who wants to add a dash of rustic charm to your Halloween attire? Fear not; we've got some bewitching ideas to blend Halloween and your love of everything country seamlessly.

We have put together some of our favourite outfits, to give you some inspiration for your trick-or-treating activities this Halloween.


Western Outlaw:

Transform into a Wild West outlaw with a bandana around your face, a cowboy hat, rugged clothing, western boots and stock whip or rope attached to your waist. If you want to really nail it, add some leather chaps. This can be a fun and spooky option for Halloween.

Cowboy Meets Ghost Rider:

Why not combine the classic cowboy look with a spooky twist? Start with your favorite pair of well-worn jeans, add a flannel shirt, and top it off with a cowboy hat. But here's the fun part: go for a ghostly makeup look! Use white face paint, dark eyeshadow, and maybe a pair of eerie contact lenses to create a spectral cowboy ready to ride into the night. Please be careful placing anything in and around your eyes.

Zombie Farmer:

Combine the eerie world of zombies with the rugged charm of a farmer. Start with tattered overalls, a plaid shirt, and old work boots. Add some zombie makeup to make it clear you've risen from the cornfield after a night of haunting. Don't forget to carry a pitchfork or gardening tools for that extra scare factor.

Scarecrow Chic:

For a cute and quirky look, consider transforming yourself into a scarecrow. Find a pair of denim overalls, a straw hat, and some boots. Paint your face with stitched-on features, add a cute sunflower accessory, and stuff some hay into your pockets for the full effect. You'll be the friendliest scarecrow around.

Country or Western Vampire:

Embrace the drama of the Wild West of the 1800’s while indulging in the allure of vampires. Opt for a long, flowing dress in a deep, dark color. Accessorize with vintage jewelery and a pair of Western boots. Pale makeup, red lips, and some subtle fangs will give you that mysterious country vampire look. The ‘Edwards’ out there can don a pair of jeans a classic western shirt, a bit of pale make-up and cherry red lips….pfft…forget team “Jacob".

Ghostly Cowgirl:

For a more feminine touch, consider a ghostly cowgirl outfit. A white lace dress with cowgirl boots and an Akubra hat is a great starting point. Use pale makeup and a white veil to create the ghostly effect. Add some fake cobwebs and spiders to your ensemble for that haunted touch.

Haunted Hillbilly:

Combine the charm of hillbilly fashion with the spookiness of Halloween. Wear overalls or denim jeans, a plaid shirt, and a trucker hat. Mess up your hair, add some fake dirt, and create a "chainsaw massacre" look with fake blood splatters.


If you’re not into dressing up per se, what about decorating your home?

Western-themed Decor:

If you're hosting a Halloween party with a country theme, consider decorating with hay bales, pumpkins, mason jar candles, and checkered tablecloths. Incorporate elements like horseshoes, old wagon wheels, and wooden crates for a rustic, country feel. Dim the lights and you are ready to tell ghost stories with your best mates.

Haunted Barn:

Transform your living space into a haunted barn. Hang up cobwebs, use dim lighting, and add eerie decorations like ghostly figures, skeletons, and farm tools for a spooky country atmosphere.


You can't do Halloween without getting the fur kids involved!

Don’t forget about your furry pals. There is nothing cuter than a black pug with bat wings, or a chunky bulldog with 8 spider legs! And no, I haven’t forgotten about the cats out there. If you’re game and want to risk the claws, you could try some bat wings, but be warned, cats are the partner of choice for a witch! You have been warned!


Incorporating your love for all things Country and Western into your Halloween costuming and decorating can be a fun and unique way to immerse yourself into a world of creepy crawlies this Halloween.

Remember that the key to a successful Halloween costume or decor is to be creative and have fun. Mix and match elements from country fashion with your favorite Halloween themes to create a look or setting that's uniquely your own.

So whether you're going for a spooky, charming, or downright eerie look, there are endless possibilities to explore. Pick your favorite Halloween-Country fusion and get ready for a boot-scootin', candy-lootin' Halloween like no other!


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