A History of Excellence - Blundstone is a 100% Tasmanian, privately owned company, founded in 1870.

The company gained widespread recognition for its iconic elastic-sided boots, commonly referred to as Chelsea boots. These boots are characterized by their slip-on design, elastic side panels, and robust construction, making them popular for various outdoor activities and work environments. Over the years, Blundstone has expanded its product line to include Gumboots, Lace-Up, Zip-Sided Safety, and Soft-toe styles, incorporating different materials and features while maintaining a focus on durability and comfort

Blundstone boots have become a staple in many industries, including agriculture, construction, and outdoor recreation. The brand is known for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and materials, ensuring that its footwear can withstand demanding conditions. Blundstone's reputation for producing reliable and versatile boots has led to a global presence, with its products being sold in many countries.

The company's dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices has also contributed to its positive image. Blundstone continues to evolve its product offerings, keeping up with contemporary styles and technological advancements while staying true to its heritage of producing robust and comfortable footwear.

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