Blundstone is a 100% Tasmanian privately owned company founded in 1870. The company’s best known product is its range of elastic sided ankle boots. The official name for these boots is “The Original” although the boots are colloquially known as “Blunnies”.

While Blundstone is known for its iconic elastic sided soft and safety toe boots worldwide, Blundstones extensive range also includes gumboots (soft and safety toe), lace up safety boots and sneakers and heavy industrial footwear providing the wearer with superior quality and protection from heat, cutting, penetration, chemicals, oils and fats. All of this is combined with lateral side force resistance and a broad fit. Blundstone do not believe in compromising on safety and comfort.

With an increasing demand for comfortable work boots and shoes, Blundstone developed and patented the SPS (shock protection system) in their dual density soles across PU, nitrate, rubber and TPU soles, directly reducing work place fatigue and orthopaedic problems in the lower back legs and feet. A further addition in comfort is the introduction of Poron and Poron XRD providing impact protection on the heel and ball of the foot while still enabling full flexibility.

The Blundstone brand was launched into the international market when their boots were featured in the hit show “Tap Dogs”.