Zip Pay T&C's


How it works:


Allingtons is excited to offer you the Zip Pay payment option that allows you to 'Shop today, interest free and pay later with Zip’.

Zip Pay offers interest free payment plans for your online purchases at and instore. You buy what you want today, receive your order just as normal and pay it off how it suits you.


How do you pay with Zip Pay

It's easy! Every time you make a purchase we simply add it to your account. Then at the beginning of the month, we send you a summary (called a "statement") of what you spent and what you paid in the month. You can then pay it back in full at the end of the month or pay over time from as little as $40 a month, interest free.


Terms of Use:

To see Zip Pay's complete terms, visit

  • Zip Pay is available for instore and online at
  • Zip Pay is available on items marked with the Zip Pay logo. It is not available pre-ordered, back-ordered or waitlisted merchandise
  • The funds required for your first payment must be available on your nominated card at the time of checkout
  • If you wish to return your Zip Pay purchase, Allington's normal returns policy applies
  • Your Zip Pay purchase can be returned instore or via post using the returns form. When visiting instore, your purchase can also be exchanged for an alternate product or loyalty account credits to an equal or lesser value
  • If a payment is due from you, but not received by Zip Pay in accordance with the payment schedule, a late payment fee will be charged



Zip Pay Facts

1. What is Zip Pay

Zip Pay is a new payment option available for instore and online orders. Zip Pay allows customers residing in Australia to have their online Allingtons order shipped to them as per normal and pay for their order over various installments interest free.


2. Why is Allingtons introducing this new payment option?

Zip Pay is being introduced as another payment option, allowing you to order and receive items straightaway, without having to wait until you can pay in full for the order. Using Zip Pay means you can pay your order off over various instalments, plus you can secure items before they sell out.


3. Is Zip Pay exclusive to Allingtons?

No, Zip Pay is a service provided by Zip Pay Pty Ltd, which is a third party service provider also used by many other leading retailers in Australia.


4. Who can use Zip Pay?

Afterpay is available as a payment option if you:

  • To be over 18 years of age
  • An Australian residential address
  • Have a valid and verifiable email address and mobile number and
  • Use an Australian credit or debit card to make the purchase


5. What will Zip Pay cost me?

You will not pay anything extra when you choose to use Zip Pay as your payment option, You will pay your instalments directly to Zip Pay in accordance with the payment schedule Zip Pay will send to you via email. If a payment is due but not received by Zip Pay in accordance with their payment schedule, late payment fees will apply (see the Zip Pay website here for more details). In addition, because a Zip Pay account is linked to your credit or debit card, standard card fees and charges may be applicable. You should refer to your card issuer's terms and conditions for full details of these.


6.Is there a minimum spend for Zip Pay?

Yes, the minimum order value (including delivery) for Zip Pay is AUD$40


7.Is there a maximum spend for Zip Pay?

Yes, the maximum order value (including delivery) for Zip Pay is AUD$1,000.


8.How are the Zip Pay instalments calculated?

Zip Pay works like an account. For all purchases, you make during a month you receive a statement with your closing balance on the 1st day of the following month. You have until the end of the month to pay off your balance for the account to remain fee free. Here’s an example : If you make your first purchase on the 1st of March for $39, you will receive a statement on the 1st of April with the closing balance of $39 (unless you made more purchases in March) which you need to pay off until the 30th of April in order to not have to pay the account fee of $6


9. Where can I find out more about Zip Pay?

The Afterpay website provides a very comprehensive list of FAQs at:


10. Do I need to register with Zip Pay prior to making my first Zip Pay purchase with Allingtons?

  • You can apply for an account here using your Facebook, PayPal or Email details or during checkout at any of our stores. In the application process, we look at things like your credit score, income stability and if you can pay back the credit. We also check your identity (via Facebook or Paypal) to make sure you are who you say you are.
  • Subject to approval, sign-up takes only seconds, after which you can complete your purchase and pay for it later. Once approved for your Zip Pay account, there’s no need to apply again. You can continue to use your Zip Pay account anywhere that accepts Zip Pay


11. Will I need to fill out a credit application form to use Zip Pay?

No, because your Zip Pay account will be linked to your nominated credit or debit card that has already been approved via your chosen credit/banking provider.


12. How do I select to pay using Zip Pay?

  • Simply choose Zip Pay as your payment option at the checkout. 
  • For customers using Zip Pay for the first time, you will need to provide payment details as usual to complete your purchase. However, once your first Zip Pay order is approved by Zip Pay and you activate your account by choosing a password, your Zip Pay account will be created and you will be able to make more purchases using Zip Pay by simply entering your Zip Pay log in details upon checkout.