What a 'Country Mile' means to us

Author: Amelia Phillips   Date Posted:17 September 2021 


"A Country Mile" is a term that has been around for eons! We use the phrase regularly and in many contexts, but ultimately, it is a unit of measure, with a value equal only to one's personal interpretation of the phrase.

Like the proverbial piece of string and the debate over how long it is, the same can be said for the use of the phrase 'A Country Mile'. It's as long as you need it to be, to describe a distance or journey; a destination. It is funny how the phrase, in its ambiguity, can definitively determine that something is a long way away or the distance is huge or never ending. 

The origins of this phrase seem to be old English. There is documentation of the term being used in the poetic works of Frederick De Kruger in the 1800s, however, despite its literary past and maybe more refined definition, we Australian country folk have adopted the term to colloquially mean a damn long way!

Slim Dusty sang about Walk[ing] the Country Mile, he knew that to get where he had to go, he had to tackle the notorious country mile. He had no idea how long his journey would take, but he never gave up. If there were ever inspirational words to live by about keeping on going, it is the lyrics by this much-loved Aussie.


What the Country Mile means to Allingtons

Our slogan, catch-phrase, motto, or for the more formal of you out there, our unofficial Mission Statement, is "The Best BUY a Country Mile". It is what we all stand by, at all levels of the business. Every day we do our absolute best to make sure your shopping experience with us is the Best BUY a Country Mile. There is no distance or time frame associated with this, we will go as far as it takes to make sure each and every person who chooses to shop with us gets the ultimate VIP treatment. We sometimes get this wrong but you can be assured, like Slim, we won't ever give up. 


Our Blog | Our Way!

To name our Allington's Blog The Country Mile seemed an obvious choice. It is a commitment. We go that extra mile, that country mile, in order to bring you an exciting Allingtons experience. Our blogs give you tips, ideas, product suggestions, social awareness articles, business updates, and sometimes just plain useless bits of information that you never knew you actually needed!

Our 'Country Mile' and our journey of exceptional customer service is never-ending, so why not join us and we will all walk that Country Mile together.

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