Hats are an essential part of life country life. The Australian summer can be unforgiving, so it is critical to have a good quality hat on your head.

Country Style hats are generally a lower profile with a slightly narrower brim than a Western-style hat, this makes them perfect for everyday wear. Our huge colour range also means you can match a hat to your favourite outfit!

We stock quality country hats from Akubra, Thomas Cook, Wrangler Jacaru and Barmah. Choose from a range of materials including Rabbit fur, hemp, cowhide and even kangaroo! Thanks to the water repelling characteristics of rabbit fur, Our Akubra hats are waterproof so they will not only keep the sun out of your eyes but also the rain of your head! Our leather hats are water repellent, however, a good spray with a waterproofer will ensure you stay dry all day long.

So! What are you waiting for? Get your head into a new hat today…..you won't regret it!