Compare the Pair: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Work Jeans

Although we love all the denim we stock equally, not all our work jeans were created equal.

This blog will go through brand by brand and help you find the style that’s right for you and your job.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Jeans with attitude… coming from the globally renowned “Globe” brand (excuse the pun), these jeans are perfect for everyday wear, with a retro vibe that looks great from the job site and just as good on the weekend.

Our X/DMG Jeans come with eight (that’s right, 8!) pockets – including one designed just for your phone.

Made of more sustainable 99% organic cotton, the robust X/DMG range will have you doing the splits. 



A more affordable alternative, KingGee denim is heavier on the leg and lighter on the wallet.

The Urban Coolmax range is cleverly disguised as a casual pant, with a slimmer athletic fit to show off the pins. These things are comfortable all year round.

While they have fewer pockets than some of the pairs on this list, they are still a solid choice for most trades.

For those who work outdoors, KingGee denim also features a UPF50+ rating to combat the harsh Aussie sun.



Trusted since 1873 to produce the goods… There's a reason farmers wear these every day. Levi's denim is iconic, and when it comes to workwear, it’s no exception!

It’s no secret that most work jeans fit baggy.

Our 511 style is a slimmer, softer fit that will suit your skinnier bloke – and with a healthy amount of polyester, they’re not afraid to stretch either.

Fashion tip: wear them as “lowriders” (below the waist), due to the slimmer fit from hip to ankle.

Think of the 505 Style as its heavier, bigger brother; available in multiple colours. 


Hard Yakka

Our Y44610s may appear to the untrained eye a casual pair of jeans, but don’t let that fool you. Hard Yakka denim is some of the toughest we stock.

They boast a 98% cotton rating, with that 2% elastomer material to get you through awkward spaces.

Durable and breathable with their traditional 5-pocket setup, our Hard Yakka jeans can suit just about any job. They also don’t look too bad on a weekend…



Our CAT Dynamic work pants are packed with handy features like front reach-in pockets, a back ruler pocket, and knee overlays for better durability.

They are also super lightweight. Meaning you can outrun your boss when he catches you on your phone.

The stonewash finish gives it a distressed feel while maintaining that relaxed vibe with the drawcord setup (no belt required!).



Our Function x Design denim has all that FXD trendiness you’d expect but with a twist…


The WD-1s and WD-3s are perfect for tradies or handymen who need to activate “all fours mode”, such as roofers, plumbers, sparkies, and tilers.

Multiple utility pockets also ensure everything you need is at your fingertips when you need it.


We can only tell you so much… the best way to find out is to get yourself in a pair and put them to the test.

Make sure to leave a review and help the next tradie make a decision on their work denim!

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