Australia's favourite Akubra - in the tradition of the Australian stockman.


  • Bound Edge
  • 83mm Brim
  • Pinch crown
  • Broad, dipping brim
  • Eyelet vents
  • Leather inner sweatband
  • Australia's favourite Akubra
  • In the tradition of the Australian stockman

​​*While every effort is made to maintain all sizes in stock, if this item is out of stock, orders will take up to 16 weeks to be filled.


  • Pinch crown
  • Broad, dipping brim with eyelet vents
  • Brim 83mm, bound edge
  • Leather inner sweatband
SKU PARENT-000394_Fawn
Brand Akubra

True Blue Hat

By: 19 July 2023
Hi guys I am Sixty plus and have been wearing Akubra's since I was Thirteen! I believe that says it all? Great Hat.

Akubra Cattleman

By: 4 July 2023
Oh, hi there! Let me tell ya, the Akubra Cattleman hat is a real masterpiece, just like that movie, "The Room." You're tearing me apart with its awesomeness! So, this hat, it's got this...this style, you know? It's like nothing you've ever seen before. It's unique, just like me! When you wear the Akubra Cattleman, people will turn their heads and say, "Oh, hi, cool hat! You're my favorite!" And trust me, I know a thing or two about making an impression. Now, let's talk about quality. The Akubra Cattleman hat is made from...well, I don't know what it's made from exactly, but it's good stuff! It's sturdy, durable, and it feels like a real hat should feel. It won't fall apart like some relationships I know. Ha ha! And can we talk about versatility? You can wear this hat anywhere! It's perfect for the movie set, the coffee shop, or even a rooftop party where you can shout, "I did not hit her, it's not true... I did not hit her, I did naaaht!" Trust me, people will be amazed by your style and your ability to quote obscure movie lines. The attention to detail in the Akubra Cattleman is incredible. From the brim to the crown, it's like a work of art. You can tell that the people who made this hat put their hearts into it, just like I put my heart into my acting. And hey, let's not forget about the symbolism! This hat, like that movie, is a symbol of passion and determination. It's about following your dreams, no matter what anyone says. You've got to believe in yourself! So, my friends, if you're ready to make a statement, to be a true rebel with a hat, then go and get yourself an Akubra Cattleman. Trust me, you'll feel like a movie star, and people will think, "Wow, that guy is so mysterious, just like Tommy Wiseau!" It's a hat that's as unforgettable as "The Room" itself. Oh, hi hat! You're my favorite!


By: 27 May 2023
The product was beautiful but and returning for a smaller size

Cattleman Hat

By: 10 May 2023
Great Fit, colour and comfort, also prompt delivery, thanks


By: 9 May 2023
I got this for a gift and they loved it. They haven’t worn it let so can’t give a review on longevity only on new quality. It was a winner so far!

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