Top 5 Jeans You Can't Live Without

Author: Amelia Phillips   Date Posted:3 September 2021 

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Your best jeans have just lived their last day. Does the thought of heading out and buying a new pair make you want to climb back into bed and pull the doona up over your head?

Butt lifters, tummy tuckers, in the boot, over the boot, blinged up, ripped up, scuffed up, high rise, low rise, mid-rise, zip, button, stretchy, washed, unwashed and the styles go on and on and on. Who would have thought the simple denim jean could get so complicated, and don’t get me started on the colours. I do, however, envy the creative minds of the Levi’s team who come up with such colours as ‘Caught in the Middle’ and ‘Going Steady’…. Anyone want to guess the actual colour? Call me old fashioned but I’m just going to go with….blue.

So let’s break it down for you. We have put together our top 5 jeans that keep it simple and will give you that classic country feel with a dash of western thrown in for good measure.


Number 5. The Thomas Cook Moleskin Country Jeans Range

You could argue this isn’t denim so why does it make the top 5? Well, we think it's such a good pair of pants that they had to be included, and they are Moleskin ‘Jeans’, so scrape in on a technicality!

The men’s range of moleskins are made from soft-touch 9oz Cotton Moleskin fabric, with 3% elastane for a comfortable fit. Featuring Deep front pockets, rustproof logo rivets, twin belt back loops and a hidden elastic waistband, you can see why these moleskins are so popular. With 9 colours to choose from, you can match these up with any country or western shirt in your wardrobe.

You know how I mentioned butt lifters and tummy tuckers earlier? Well, the ladies version of these moleskins has a secret panel built into the waist which flattens your tummy, giving you more styling options like tucking in your shirt if you're game…wearing a crop top! They also lift your best asset, giving you a perfectly sculpted look. Who wouldn’t want a pair of these pants in their wardrobe? Choose from Stone, Navy, Black or Sand in the stretch moleskin ‘Wonder Jean’ range.

Thomas Cook mens and Womens Moleskin Country Jeans

Number 4. Riders by Lee

Making an appearance at number 4, Riders by Lee has been creating high-quality denim jeans for denim lovers worldwide since 1934. No matter your shape, age, or size, Riders denim jeans and moleskins are for everybody. (Yep I snuck in the moleskins again!)

Riders jeans are designed from ethically sourced denim and the company believe in and heartily promote the power of diversity and the need for people to feel good in their own skin.

With styles across the men’s and women’s range, this classic denim jean is a wardrobe essential. You can dress these jeans up or down; wear them for work with a smart shirt or blouse or throw on a rugby and a pair of western boots and you’re ready for your next outdoor adventure.

These jeans are button waist and zip, with a couple of different waist heights for the ladies. The colours are pretty simple in shades of blue, a black and some standard moleskin colours in there like taupe, navy and moss. These are such easy-wearing jeans but make a real impact with their versatility for styling. An all-around good choice.

Mens Riders by Lee Denim Jeans


Number 3. Pure Western Denim Jean range

So really this isn’t just 1 pair of jeans, it's more of a range, but they all warrant a mention. Check out the women’s Pure Western Denim Jean range.

Ladies, if you can’t find something you like in this lot, then well, I gotta say, maybe you’re a tad on the fussy side (not that there is anything at all wrong with being fussy!). This range brings together classic cuts like boot cut, straight leg and skinny, with a bit of bling and beautiful embroidery to make you shine. Some stretch to keep you comfortable all day long and a couple of different leg lengths to cater for different heights. During the warmer months, you will also find an equally stunning shorts range to keep you in year-round style. As for colour, there are a few interesting names but with Indigo, Midnight, and Ebony amongst the range, it's pretty easy to work out!

Pure Western Womens Country & Western Jeans Styles


Number 2. Men's Levi’s 516 Straight Fit Jean

These jeans used to be the Levi 504 but got a new name around 2017. Keeping with a similar style and colour range to the 504, this pair of jeans is a no-nonsense wardrobe must-have for you guys out there.

Sitting a little higher on the waist than other styles in the Levi’s range, and with a 1% stretch, this jean is perfect for work and casual (no sneaky cracks showing with this pair of jeans!). They come in leg lengths 30”, 32” and 34”, with Stone Wash and Rinse being the most popular colours however if you like something a bit darker, the Dark Stonewash is always a great option.

Levi's 516 Country Style Jeans


Number 1. Wrangler Men's Cowboy Cut, Original Fit, 13MWZ Jeans

Country look with a western twang. What does the 13MWZ mean I hear you ask? Well, it is the style number of the very first cowboy cut jeans; 13 Mens's With Zip.

These jeans sit waist height and are constructed from untreated, unwashed denim, making them one of the strongest styles of jeans out there. Made from heavyweight 14.75 oz denim, these are perfect for work in the cattle yards, on the quad bike or on horseback. Cowboys swear by them, in fact, they were originally designed by celebrity cowboy tailer ‘Rodeo Ben’ well over 50 years ago! The cowboy cut is similar to a bootcut, however, the lower leg is a little tighter and doesn’t continue to flare out as the bootcut styles tend to do. This means they fit over the boot but won't flap around and get in the way as much as a bootcut style may. If these are good enough for a cowboy, who am I to argue!

Mens Western 13MWZ Jeans


So there you have it. Our top 5 jeans for any occasion. Check out our full range of denim jeans shorts and skirts HERE.

As they say, you can conquer the world in a good pair of jeans, actually, no one really said that, but no one said you can’t either, so get out there and start conquering!


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