Choosing the Perfect Winter Coat

Author: Alana Baker   Date Posted:11 September 2018 


Think of a good quality winter jacket as an investment. You want something durable, stylish and most importantly- warm. Here at Allingtons Outpost, we stock a crazy amount of these to choose from. But how do you know what type of jacket or coat will suit your needs? Well, do not worry because we are here to help!

A good winter jacket should have ultimate insulation, be reasonably lightweight and either be waterproof or at least have a breathable outer shell.

Here of is a list of things to looks for when choosing your winter jacket:

  • Technical:
    • If you’re using your jacket for sporting purposes, the main thing you need to worry about is functionality
    • Weigh up if it is more important that the jacket is warm or moveable. You do not want a stick, huge jacket that is very warm but you are unable to conduct your tasks in
    • Finding the sweet spot between warm and functional can be difficult but once you find it, hold onto that piece of clothing forever!
    • Use these types of jackets if you are:
      • Skiing
      • Hiking
      • In very vulnerable freezing temperatures
  • Casual:
    • Casual jackets can be seen to have less of an emphasis on weight and functionality and focus more or warmth, weather protection and style
    • These jackets are typically heavier in weight than a jacket made for functionality
    • Use these types of jackets if you are:
      • Commuting to and from work
      • Ice skating (casual)
      • Casual walking
    • Casual coats and jackets usually have hoods which can be fur lines (try to ensure the fur is faux), warm inner lining and have a roomy fit. Pockets are almost always included and are generally made these days larger in order to fit smartphones
  • Elements of a quality winter jacket:
    • Insulation:
      • Down and synthetic fibres such as synthetic fleece are common in a quality jacket in order to ensure warmth and protection from the cold, wet and wind.
    • Hood:
      • Hoods are very useful for keeping the head warm in winter. 40-45% of body heat is lost through the head when not kept properly warm
      • A removable hood is useful to change the look of the jacket slightly or to remove some unnecessary weight
    • Closure systems:
      • The ability to close cuffs is a great feature in a jacket or coast as it can ensure optimum warmth is kept within the jacket and no unwanted coldness seeps in
      • Zippers are a must have for any jacket. Try to test out the closure ability as there is nothing worse than a stuck or broken zipper on a chilly day

Here are some great buys from our store to keep you warm this winter. You can shop in store or online - check out the latest Winter wear sales here

Jacket mens:

Jacket womens: [GA1] 

Please note: Some of these coats and jackets are seasonal items and may not be available all year around


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