FXD Womens Workwear - Road Testing Reviews


We sent some FXD Womens Pants and Shorts out into the world to see how they lasted against constant wear, mud, dirt, grease and more. Check out what the ladies had to say about this range. 


"Overall I found the shorts not too bad! The material is lovely and breathable, it washes and wears well and I haven’t yet found that the shorts have faded in colour, nor have any stains remained in the material after washing. The length provides good coverage and protection of your legs, although for personal preference I probably would have liked them to be slightly shorter.

The cons to these shorts that I found was that the sizing does run small. I usually wear a 16, sometimes an 18 and I found the 18 in these was a little bit tight on me. I’m not sure that they have been properly made for the ‘curvier’ women and didn’t seem to allow for the fact that some women have hips - I think they’ve definitely been designed based on the men’s shorts. 

All in all though, I would give these a thumbs up. They definitely do their job and I can see them holding up to hard work over a length of time"

- Michaela Walkom


"Let me just say the work pants I got to review certainly got a good test and come out with a big thumbs up"

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Boots received

By: on 31 October 2020
Thank you so much for sending out the boots, they fit perfectly. Thanks for the great service, staff are very helpful.

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