Sizing - Footwear

Sitting comfortably on a chair, place your barefoot on a blank piece of paper so that your foot fits entirely on the paper. With a sharp pencil or fine ballpoint pen draw around your foot. Make sure you keep the pen/pencil vertical and perpendicular to the paper.

Use a ruler or tape measure to measure in a straight line from the end of the heel to the longest point on the toes. Where possible we will include a size chart for each supplier. Please note, this is only a guide.

We strongly suggest you measure BOTH feet as it is very common to have one foot larger than the other. In this case, you MUST fit your larger foot. The extra room in the shoe of your smaller foot can be managed by placing a thin innersole under the manufacturer’s innersole.

If you usually wear thick socks with your boots/shoes, you may like to measure your feet in the socks you will be wearing. Thick socks can add 1/2-1 full size to your usual size. 

Some people require a wider or narrower shoe, this is outlined below and is available with certain brands.

All manufactures on this website use UK / Australian Sizing unless specified below.

As not all shoes are the same we have put together a list of manufactures and any notes which are related to the sizing of their shoes for you.


Ariat Boots

Sizing Unit: US  for more info - click here

Ariat's can run a bit larger. Suggested sizing is true to size or ordering 1/2 size smaller than your street shoe size.  If the toe of the boot is pointed (such as an R-Toe) then a half size larger than your usual street shoe size is recommended.   



Sizing Unit for Bata Professional: AUS/UK



Sizing Unit: AUS/UK



Sizing Unit: US


Dr Martens

Dr Martens fit are a true size, and the sizes shown are based on UK sizes.



Sizing Unit: US


Hard Yakka

Sizing Unit: AUS/UK



Sizing Unit: US


Johnny Reb

Sizing Unit: AUS/UK


King Gee

Sizing Unit: AUS/UK


Mack Boots

Mack boots are an "average" fit. Half sizes are for width with a little bit of length for proportions as per other brands.

Note some styles are in ladies sizes.
Sizing Unit: AUS/UK



Sizing Unit: US



Sizing Unit: AUS/UK



Sizing Unit: US



Sizing Unit: US



Sizing Unit: AUS/UK
For Puma shoes half sizes are predominantly width. As per other brands there is a bit of length to keep the shoe in proportion. Some styles are in a ladies sizing and some dont come in half sizes.


Pure Western

Sizing Unit: AUS/UK


Redwing Boots

Can be compared to an Aussie work boot ie blundstone Mack and Rossi. EEE fitting so a wider fitting boot. Half size gives a bit more room in the boot width making it more "comfortable". Sizes are true to size. ie 9 is a 9!

Roper Footwear

Sizing Unit: US

When shopping for Roper boots half sizes are predominantly width but a small amount of length added for proportions. The boot should be snug but not tight fit. Roper boors will fit and feel very much like an Ariat boot.

Ropers width are as follows Mens width is a EE fit Ladies width is a B fit.


Rossi Boots
Need a bit more width or height in your Rossi boot? 

The Rossi- Boots Extra Fit range provides the perfect solution for wide fitting feet, high arches, and extra toe room. Elastic sided boots in this range do not feature a 'Throat-piece', this is the 'v-stitch' at the top of the boot which pulls the leather snug across the top of the foot.
Sizing Unit: AUS



Sizing Unit: US


Steel Blue

Sizing Unit: AUS/UK


Thomas Cook

For more info click here

Thomas Cook mens boots All Rounder Roper with performance DTC Mens – Genuine EEE Fit Womens – Genuine C Fit

Thomas Cook & Frogger Range - Sizing Unit: AUS/US


Timberland Pro

Sizing Unit: US


Twisted X

Sizing Unit: US


Wild Goose

Sizing Unit: AUS/UK