Sizing - Blundstone



We’re passionate about feet. It’s our thing. Did you know that most people have one foot that’s smaller than the other? And that most of us have 26 bones in each foot, but some have 28? (The extras are on the bottom of the foot just behind the big toe).

So, we’ve designed a range of footwear that means you can find the right Blundstone for you. Different footbeds providing varying levels of cushioning and support, different lasts, lacing systems (traditional laces vs zips vs the Boa system), different leathers, “V” cut vs Chelsea cut - all of these variations bring diversity to the sizing and fit.

It means that there’s sure to be the perfect Blundstone for your feet.

Try on different styles and sizes, try them on both feet, and try to shop in the afternoon when your feet may be slightly swollen – this helps avoid buying boots that are too small. And, be sure to walk around – your feet usually get two sizes larger when you stand up.



Blundstone boots and shoes are marked with Australian sizing. Please refer to the size guide that is on the page of this website for the product you are interested in.