In 1950 Rossi Boots released a ripple-soled desert boot and achieved almost instant notoriety. "The Ripple" forged an enviable reputation through the 1960s and came to symbolise a rebellious subculture, a reputation which exists to this day. The sole is made from nitrile rubber that's slip, heat and abrasion resistant - motorcyclists swear by it!


  • Suede leather upper
  • 3 Eyelets
  • Ripple Nitrile Rubber sole
  • Slip Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Acid Resistant
  • Non Safety
  • Mens AU Sizing


Brand Rossi Boots

Hand stitched in Australia.

By: 25 July 2022
Extremely high quality boot. Represents great value for money as they are hand made in Australia. You would be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere. Very comfortable & very sturdy, imagine that I will enjoy several years regular wear. You will be doing yourself a favor by a investing. As a bonus you will be supporting an oz business.

Hand stitched in Australia

By: 18 July 2022
I was searching for a pair of "Rollers" which are a generic knock off of Rossi Ripple sole desert boots, that we used to wear to school in the '80's and '90's. Back then they cost about $30, now they're about $150! Fortunately I found the Rossi brand boots, which Allingtons happened to have on special at the time. So instead of getting the lower grade boots, manufactured abroad, I got the best quality, most comfortable boots I remember ever having bought, and for only an extra $50 or so! Rossi are the last company to hand manufacture boots in Australia, and I believe these are one of only two styles of boot that they still make here. The quality of workmanship and materials is superb, I think they are even better than my lace up R.M's. Size 9 seems slightly larger than others, mainly in the width, which is nice, especially when wearing with a thick pair of explorers. Do yourself a favor people, get some of these while you can, you won't regret it. True value for an authentic product.

Handstitched Hen's Teeth

By: 15 July 2022
I was actually looking for a pair of "Rollers" (knock-off of these) as a blast from the past. They used to be about $30 or so in the early 90"s, however, now they are about $150! Luckily, i found the Rossi brand, and Allingtons had them on special for $195, only 50 more for a far superior boot, HANDMADE IN AUSTRALIA with quality leather. Very happy with the purchase, as they are the best, most comfortable boot I remember ever having bought, even better than my lace up R.M's. There is obvious attention to detail and pride in the construction, no faults, perfect symmetry. They are a little roomier than most size 9, especially in the width, which is nice, especially with a thick pair of explorers. I've since learnt that Rossi is the last place to hand make boots in this country, the 4046"s and one other model, are the only two that they produce here, everything else is put together abroad. Such a pity, the price of "progress" just happy to have got a pair before these too go the way of everything else. I can"t reccomend these highly enough, get onto them before you can"t people.

Rossi Ripple Sole Desert Boots

By: 28 June 2022
Awesome quality boot, hand stitched in Australia, and it shows. It's getting harder to find hand crafted boots made in Australia, let alone ones that are this high standard. I was looking to buy a pair of "Rollers" brand, hard to find, and are about $150. The Rossi's may cost a little bit more, but there is no comparison in quality. These are a functional, well crafted boot that will last a long while, and can be resoled. The other, cheaper, brand are just a fashion item, not a quality boot, not made in Australia, and certainly not hand stitched. Well in all, highly recommend these stylish, comfortable, solid and great value boots.

Rossi Ripple Boots

By: 7 May 2022
Great product great friendly service whom were patient and very helpful!!!

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