You may not notice it the first time you put on a bamboo sock, but apart from the smooth softness, you can hold the sock by the top hem and pull it onto your foot in one smooth movement until it is fully in place and there it stays. Most other sock types have to be almost ‘threaded’ onto your foot in several stages. Also, many people wash their socks daily because traditionally this was what you had to do. However, with the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fibre, we have had customers report that after wearing their socks for even up to a week without washing, they still smell fresh!


  • Smooth and Soft
  • Breathable
  • Naturally Anti-bacterial
  • Easy On/Off
  • 92% Bamboo 8% Elastane


Brand Bamboo Textiles

Bamboo Socks

By: 14 February 2024
I wear Bamboo sock only nothing else will adorn my feet

Bamboo Extra Thick Socks Green

By: 24 January 2024
no matter the colour they are all good socks, much better than anything else around

Super soft and comfy

By: 26 September 2023
I've come back for more. Since I've taken up ice skating I love these socks for their warmth and comfort.

Bamboo socks

By: 19 September 2023
These socks are so soft - love them

Can't decide between a rainbow or warmth- Get Both

By: 9 July 2023
These thick socks comes in assorted colours- not only is it colourful but the warmth from the bamboo fibre is on a whole new level. Perspiration prone feet will welcome this fantastically engineered socks- the wicking properties is something that makes it both comfortable and dry on a day to day basis. Try one today and you will never fall back on cotton or wool socks!

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