Reproofing Your Oilskins

Oilskin clothing is an investment because if looked after properly they can last for years, if not decades. They are perfect for cold, wet, and windy conditions. The best qualities about oilskins are their water-repellent ability so reproofing them ensures that this stays intact and better than ever. Over time the water repellent agent in the oilskin begins to diminish which why reproofing it is a must. Reproofing will not only extend the waterproofing agent but also make it feel like you are wearing a brand-new piece of clothing.

Using Driza-Bone Oilskin Wax ReProofer:

Remove any dust and dirt from the jacket by hosing the outside of the jacket or vest. Wipe over with a damp cloth and leave to dry. Try not to get the inside wet.

To melt the wax, place the tin in a saucepan and fill with water to come about halfway up the side of the tin. Place the saucepan over heat until the water boils. The wax will slowly turn a golden colour as it melts.

It is best to do this next step outdoors as melted wax is messy. Hand the garment so it is easy to get the entire surface. With a thick paintbrush, start at the hood or collar and paint the outside of the working down until it is covered completely. Ensure to get under any shoulder and pocket flaps as well. Hang to dry.

To finish off the reproofing, heat will need to be applied to set the wax into the fabric and give the garment a smooth, shiny finish. Lay the coat or vest on a flat surface and use a hairdryer on a hot setting to carefully work over the garment and set the wax into the oilskin. A rag dipped in very hot water and washed over the oilskin will also do the trick. If using a rag, ensure to refresh it with hot water frequently.

Using B.K. Smith Australian Oilskin Reproofer Spray:

Follow the same first step of wax reproofing and wash any dirt and dust from the garment before adding any reproofer. Hang the coat or jacket so it is easy to reach all areas. Simply hold the spray 25cm from the article, completely wet the surface and allow to dry thoroughly.

The B.K. Smith Australian Oilskin Reproofer restores the water repellency of oilskins including clothing and accessories. Our Australian-made Oilskin Reproofer comes with an easy-to-use spray applicator that ensures your oilskin products remain at their optimum best quality whether it be coats and clothing to footwear, camping, and outdoor gear. it is non-greasy, antibacterial, and prevents mould and mildew.

The Oilskin Reproofer has been rigorously tested in a series of laboratory trials resulting in a substantial improvement in the resistance to water penetration of oilskin. The results indicated that it is desirable to reproof the fabric regularly rather than waiting for it to have a severely reduced resistance to water penetration. 

Use these steps to look after your oilskin and it will last for years or decades to come. 

Driza-Bone Oilskin Wax ReProofer (ACM8105) 400g [AD] B.K. Smith Australian Oilskin Reproofer 375ml

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