How to pick the perfect Western Boot

Author: Alana Baker   Date Posted:15 September 2021 



Buying boots are an investment. They can be costly but choosing a quality boot will guarantee you have them for years and with proper care, they can look brand new, years down the track. If you’re stuck on what type of boots will be right for you, then listen up.


  • Firstly, pick a style

    • Boots come in countless styles. It can get overwhelming, especially if you’re open to a bit of flair.
    • Traditional boots, without all the frills, are specially designed for work and to be worn in. These boots can ultimately last longer than fashion boots as their stitching and manufacturing are designed to put the boot to the test.
    • Fashion boots can sometimes be compromised on longevity for its style but if looked after properly and the right brand is chosen, they can last just as long as work boots.
  • Material

    • Cow, alligator and crocodile skin is the most common material used for western boots. Natural skins are higher quality than synthetic and will last longer. Some soft leather
    • Artificial materials can be a lot more resistant to moisture and can offer some fashion designs not commonly found in natural materials
    • Natural materials can be just as water resistant as artificial if the rights steps of protection are taken. These include waterproofing and polishing regularly with quality products.
  • Colours and designs

    • There are literally thousands of different styles of boots. If you are okay with having multiple boots for every style of outfit, that’s great, but for some people, boots are a huge investment and the right one needs to be strategically picked in order to properly match a good chunk of the wardrobe
    • Black or brown boots go with almost anything. The plainer the style, the more versatile they can be
    • Bright colours and intricate patterns can set a statement and ensure your outfit stands out from the crowd
  • Toe styles

    • Different toe styles are another thing to think of when purchasing a western boot
    • A square toe provides more room and gives a casual look. It is a dominant style for men’s boots and slightly less popular for women’s. The square toes also give a hardy look to the boot
    • The round toe suits both men and women and is the most traditional style of toe. This style also gives some extra toe room and can pass as both a dress and casual boot
    • The snip toe or D-toe is similar to the square toe, except it is longer and ends in a point but flat at the front. This style gives a little less room than the other ones but can make quite the statement when matched with a great design. This style is most popular for women but can be a niche boot for men as well. The class look of the toe provides a great match for many different types of outfits.
    • J- toe style has a pointed V-shaped tipped toe and is the most ‘classic’ style of boot. It can be said it is the most uncomfortable of the types of toe as it provides little room for the toes and can restrict them heavily. It is more of a fashion toe and would not be suitable for working boots
  • Base your selection on your wardrobe

    • Even if you love a certain design on a boot, if it does not match with the rest of your wardrobe, there is no point in purchasing it. The worst thing to do to a western boot is to have it clash and stand out in the wrong way
    • Seek the advice of people who know you well to ensure your choice of boots fits with your personality


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