The Legend Sweater lives up to it's name.

With a 1/2 zip to make it easy to get on and off, it's plain knitted in 60% possum fur.

So, what's so great about possum fur?

Possum fibre has no scales and is hollow, which gives it lightness and warmth. It's silky to touch and it will not freeze. The only other fibre on the planet known to have these same characteristics is polar bear fur. Do you want to be warm this winter? This is the one for you!

What about the 'recycled' element?

Yarn manufacture produces fibre fluff that is ordinarily discarded. In the Eco Blend used in the Legend sweater, these fibres are collected and re-spun to create an entirely new yarn with the same qualities as the original fibre.

So the Legend is a win-win. Winner for warmth and durability, and a winner for the environment too.

Grab yourself some thermal jeans and some boots and socks and you're set for winter!

  • Blend of possum, wool, other natural fibres and nylon.
  • 60% recycled possum fibre
  • 25% other natural fibres - wool, silk and angora
  • 15% nylon


ECO BLEND is an MKM New Zealand first that builds on the environment-friendly and sustainable properties of our wool garments. Yarn manufacture produces fibre fluff ordinarily discarded. In our Eco Blend, we've collected and re-spun the fibres to create an entirely new yarn with exceptional qualities. It's an innovation that has turned production waste into a premium yarn combining the best characteristics of its component fibres.

So now you can see why our products list as a component 'recycled' fibres.

Brand MKM

wool/possum tasman jumper

By: 2 October 2021
I have found the Tasman wool/possum jumper is very warm, excellent for after cold weather like just after shearing.

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