The Mens Blizzard Sweater is a true classic, so it'll never be out of style. Which is a good thing, because one of these is an investment in comfort that will look as good as the day you bought it for years to come. Crafted in 25% recycled possum fur, it will be one of the most versatile garments you will ever own.

Why is that? Read on! You will be surprised.

  • Possum fibre has no scales and is hollow, which gives both lightness and warmth, compared to other natural fibres of a similar micron.
  • Possum fibre is silky to handle providing an instant feel appeal unlike any other fibre.
  • Possum fibre will not freeze, even when exposed to periods of prolonged cold. The only other fibre on the planet known to have the same characteristic is Polar Bear fur.
  • The unique blend of possum fur and merino lamb’s wool creates a piling resistant fibre.
  • Possum fur is low-pill and anti-static which means the garment can be worn throughout the years and still look as new as the day it was purchased.

Do you want to be warm this winter? This is the one for you!

What about the 'recycled' element?

ECO BLEND is an MKM New Zealand first.

Yarn manufacture produces fibre fluff that is ordinarily discarded. In the Eco Blend, these fibres are collected and re-spun (in essence recycling them) to create an entirely new premium yarn with the best characteristics of the original fibres. Typically, this yarn is 25% Recycled Possum for warmth, 60% other natural fibres (wool, silk and angora) for durability, and 15% Nylon for strength.

Pick up some thermal jeans and some boots to complete your warm winter outfit.


ECO BLEND is an MKM New Zealand first that builds on the environment-friendly and sustainable properties of our wool garments. Yarn manufacture produces fibre fluff ordinarily discarded. In our Eco Blend, we've collected and re-spun the fibres to create an entirely new yarn with exceptional qualities. It's an innovation that has turned production waste into a premium yarn combining the best characteristics of its component fibres.

So now you can see why our products list as a component 'recycled' fibres.

Brand MKM

Warmest jumper in the world

By: 13 May 2022
This jumper is so so so so soft…. And light , not a heavy ,way me down jumper…. It’s also the warmest of jumpers to wear in the cold I love it Where has the possum fur been hiding This product is revolutionary Love it Will buy another one soon

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