Why a Swag and Not a Tent?

Author: Alana Baker   Date Posted:3 April 2019 


Easter long weekend is not far away so start packing and preparing for your camping trip! Long weekends are great to get out and experience the local wilderness where you otherwise would not visit during a regular weekend.

Why a swag and not a tent?
Swags are a lot warmer than a regular tent as they are made from heavy canvas which keeps body warmth inside the area. During the cold April nights, this is a big benefit. There is also a heavy-duty bottom layer that assists in keeping the cold ground away from the body. Swags are also much cooler than a tent during Summer as well. They have great ventilation and protection from insects with mesh whilst also keeping you as cool as can be so they can be used all year round.

Swags are very easy to set up and pack down as well. For a spontaneous getaway, simply pack the essentials in the swag, roll it up and go. A sleeping bag and bedding can also stay rolled in the swag for the simplest of packing and unpacking.

Swags are not fragile and will stand to a lot of thrashing around. This is what you want in a swag, not a tent that could puncture at the mere sight of a sharp twig. It can be stored in the back of the car or on the roof and through snow, rain, or extreme heat, that swag will still be good as new.

Get back in touch with nature by rolling back the canvas roof or sides and stargaze without any interruptions. You’ll be safe from mozzies with the fly mesh whilst enjoying great views.

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