Stretching Your Western Boots


You can’t have a toe-tapping yeehaw of a good time if your boots hurt and feet are blistered! 


Getting a new pair of quality leather boots is always exciting. A lot of the time natural materials like leather can be uncomfortable and stiff to wear until the fabric loosens up but luckily organic leather possesses the quality to expand and soften quickly. To speed up this process and make your new boots as comfy as possible right away, here are some helpful tips to speed along the process. 



- Wearing extra socks
Put 2-3 pairs of socks on or some extra thick hiking socks and wear your boots around the house for a few days. This method can take longer but most likely won't make the leather spring back to the original tightness as it is slowly being stretched. 


- Steam the inside of the boots 
Fill a mug with boiling water and place the boot over the mug so it is upside down on the table with the mug inside the boots. Hold it here for 15-30 seconds or until they are warm and flexible, then wear with thick socks for a few hours.


- Freeze a bag of water inside the boots
Fill a large ziplock bag with water, seal, and place inside the boots, ensuring the waterbag fills the area where your feet would be and doesn’t just sit in the shaft. Stuff some socks or newspaper behind the bag to keep it in place. Place boots in the freezer and leave for 8hrs. Allow to thaw before removing the ice completely. This method is great for small stretching.

After doing any of these techniques, make sure to condition with leather conditioner as this also softens the boots and adds protection to it as well. 


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