How to look after your Leather Boots

Author: Fiona La Trobe   Date Posted:2 August 2021 

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Getting a new pair of boots is exciting and fun. The feeling of slipping on that fresh leather boot for the first time is incomparable. To keep the feeling going for the lifetime of the shoes, it is important to properly care for them. Not only will proper care ensure they continue to look amazing, but it’ll also further the life of the boots and therefore, you should not have to replace them for years to come.

As soon as you receive the boot or bring them home, spray with a waterproof spray and allow to dry before wearing.

Basic Care for Leather Boots:

  • It is recommended that leather boots be wiped clean daily with a damp cloth to remove mud and any other residue. For most people, it is very unlikely to take the time out of every day to wipe over your boots down so doing so once a month should be fine, or fortnightly if the boots are worn every day.
  • If leather boots become saturated, remove the innersoles and stuff loosely with tissue, then allow to air dry away from direct heat.
  • To condition leather, make sure the shoe is dry and spread the cream or liquid conditioner over the entire foundation of the leather. Once it has dried to a dull finish, it can be them brushed off to remove any residue.
  • To polish leather boots (nubuck, distressed leather and suede boots should never be polished), massage wax into the leather and then brush off to a shine after application.

To extend the life of your leather boots:

  • Regularly clean, condition and polish
  • Use specialised cleaning erasers or a terrycloth
  • Waterproof the leather a few times a year. Make sure the leather is clean of any mud impurities before being waterproofed.
  • Use boot trees to help retain the shape of tall boots

For even longer wear, avoid wearing the same pair every day as the combination of body heat and bacteria from your feet can speed up deterioration. In addition to this, don’t place your leather boots near direct heat. This can cause the shoes to crack.

Look after your boots and they will look after you. A good pair of boots are definitely worth the investment and therefore will need proper care to prolong the life of the organic material it is made from. Follow the above steps and your boots should last a very long time.

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