Allingtons at the Show

Author: Alana Baker   Date Posted:12 September 2018 


We had another great year at the 2018 Royal Adelaide Show. Our Show Shop is the largest of our field day stores and it is such an exciting time for all the staff in the company.


Stock ordering for The Show begins months before and the weeks leading up to the opening day are usually long and sleepless, especially our awesome CEO, Graham Allington. Each department puts in 110% into every aspect of getting this event sorted.


Because this business is proudly South Australian, we take great pride in showing the state exactly what we have to offer as a company and giving some of our more rural customers a great experience. It is also a great chance to reach our customers who may not be able to visit the store in Parafield very often, if at all because they live so rurally.


Our Show catalogue launched a few weeks before the opening date and showcased an array of products to suit all our customer’s needs. We had a large R. M. Williams product sale incorporated into the catalogue to assist in celebrating the proud of South Australia. The days leading up to opening time are filled with excitement, pressure and intensity. When the gates finally opened on Friday morning, we were filled with the hustle and bustle of excited show-goers, eager to see what new and exciting products we had available. Our Show staff were under the pump, scanning as fast as their little arms could move but the excitement of the show vibe never left them. We all aimed to show our customers exceptional care and assistance and we are so glad to hear the feedback we got from our happy followers.


Although The Show goes for 9 days, it did not slow the constant flow of excitable patrons roaming the store at all hours of the day. Whether they were coming from the Dairy Hall or just finished cuddling pooches in the Dog Pavilion, each person was filled with the exhilaration that only The Show vibe can give them. Our prime position gave everyone easy access to the store and the screams from the people on the rides as well as the music from the sideshows could be heard inside the store which only added to the exceptional atmosphere amongst the entire time.


Once the Royal Adelaide Show sadly come to an end for another year, the staff packed up our temporary store, pleased that there was a considerable lack of stock compared to setting up and set off back to Alligntons HQ. Soon, the whole process will start again, except this time, we are off to Deniliquin, New South Wales for the Deni Ute Muster.


Here at Allingtons, we aim to provide top quality work and casual wear that is made to last and is the highest of quality for a fair price. 







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