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From humble beginnings 40 years ago, Allingtons has gone from a small supplies store in Golden Grove, north of Adelaide, to one of the largest stores of its type in Australia.

Bamboo is a wonderful, green resource and hugely beneficial to us and the environment. Being sustainable is a major aspect in lots of people’s lives at the moment. We need to look after the environment in order to assist it in helping us.

When searching for safety footwear, it is very important to look into the details of the style and brand you are thinking of buying in order to properly decipher which one is for you.

We had another great year at the 2018 Royal Adelaide Show. Our Show Shop is the largest of our field day stores and it is such an exciting time for all the staff in the company.

Allingtons is expanding its workwear variety with the new Hard Yakka 3056 Range. Hard Yakka has rebranded and is back with all new features and products to keep the working man or women up to date in both safety and style.

Buying boots are an investment. If you’re stuck on what type of boots will be right for you, then listen up

Think of a good quality winter jacket as an investment. You want something durable, stylish and most importantly- warm. But how do you know what type of jacket or coat will suit your needs? Well, do not worry because we are here to help!

The more lambs a ewe has, the more she needs to feed and the more she needs to protect. Ewes can only do so much and predators can be very cunning. Foxes, hawks, wild dogs and wild pigs are just a few of the predators that could harm one's livestock

Welcome to the brand new Allingtons Outpost Blog! This is a blog for our new and old valued customers to see our products, gain advice and see what is new in this industry.