How to fit an Akubra Hat

Author: Alana Baker   Date Posted:30 July 2019 

Fitting an Akubra

Akubras are made to adapt and conform to your head after a little wearing in. It is essential to pick the right size to ensure that your Akubra will fit properly and wear perfectly. 

To determine your Akubra size simply:

  • Measure the circumference of your head - approx 12mm above the ears
  • Keep the measuring tape level and firm above the eyebrow ridges to ensure an accurate measurement
  • Check the size chart below:

The inner band of Akubras is made from sheepskin and may shrink slightly with use. A tight-fitting hat will not 'loosen-up'. In time, your hat will conform to your head shape. If your Akubra is slightly loose, folded tissue or thin foam can be placed behind the inner band until it conforms. When the hat is new, it may feel a little stiff but the leather band will loosen as it wears. 

  • When trying on the hat, one size can be a little small and the other a little large. Always get the larger one as it will fit better in the future. 

Caring for your Akubra

  • Never leave your hat in the car or direct sunlight when not being worn
  • Do not force dry the hat if it is wet - always let it dry naturally. If force dried, the inside leather band will shrink and it is very difficult to stretch back to size
  • Akubras are naturally water-proof but as the hat ages, the waterproofing properties can break down and the felt can begin to absorb water. Spraying with a clear waterproofer every few years will help to hold its natural properties.
  • Do not squeeze the front of your hat when placing it on your head. This can cause a sharp point which will be the first place to wear on the hat.
  • When not being worn, rest the hat upside down on the crown or hang it on a hat peg

    Crown & Brim Distortions 
  • If the hat brim is out of shape, steam the area until it is moist. Holding the Akubra over a kettle works well. The bent brim can be reshaped with your fingertips and any marks should disappear.

  • If your Akubra has dirt and/or grime, brush the hat in an anti-clockwise direction which will remove any dust.
  • Rub the affected area with a paint thinner or dry cleaning fluid but DO NOT USE TOO MUCH. Car upholstery cleaner can work well.
  • Spray cleaner on and leave for 15-20 seconds then wipe off with a damp cloth.
  • Any serious/stubborn marks should be cleaned by an authorised Akubra refurbisher only. Click here for a list.

Please note: These tips are a guide only. Make sure to test an inconspicuous spot on your hat before applying any of these directions to the entire hat

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