What to wear in the Great Outdoors

Author: Fiona La Trobe   Date Posted:30 March 2022 


Feeling good about what you are wearing is key to having a great day, but just what do you need, and which items will best suit your circumstances? 

From head to toe, Allingtons have you covered with a huge range of Country, Work, and Western Wear for any occasion.

From Iconic Akubras to Hard Hats & Baseball Caps

Hardhats provide protection if you’re going to be in an environment where there is the risk of an impact or a fall – whether you’re on the worksite, riding, or rock climbing. That’s a no-brainer – that protects your brain! But if you’re not working, and you’re just not that adventurous, you’ll still need something that shields you from the weather.

For those out-back, the iconic Akubra is a popular Australian choice. Made from rabbit fur felt, these hats are ideal for those who want shelter from the sun and something that’s rain resistant. They’re a long-lasting choice, so although they cost more at the outset, long term your money goes further. You can maximize your hat’s life and keep it water-resistant with a Felt Hat Care Kit. Akubra also have hemp braid hats in the same traditional style as straw hats, which are a lighter alternative.

If you prefer a cap or a straw or paper hat, Allingtons have these available from reputable brands such as Ringers Western, CINCH, CAT, Wrangler, and more. 

For the cooler seasons, beanies are the perfect solution! Some even offer extra practical features such as built-in torches for when you need to shed some light on the situation – or light some shed…

From Denim Jackets to Fashion Coats & Oilskin Dusters

Whether you need to rug up and stay dry, or just rug up, or just stay dry, there is bound to be something that will work for you in the huge range at Allingtons.

We have Denim, Oilskin, Puffer, Western and Waterproof options that suit a wide range of activities in all seasons. So we have got your casual Winter Jacket sorted...what about work? Well, there are plenty of Hi-Vis options too.

From Cruisin’ Shoes to Cowboy Boots & Safety for the Daily Grind

Allingtons have everything from casual cruisers to cowboy boots and steel-toe boots – and some that are both – so how do you know which options will suit you? 

Here’s a quick summary to help you choose the best options for your feet!


Whether they are cruisers or boat shoes or another comfy slip-on, these are a great option for a casual day out and about. Characterized by their flat sole and comfort innersoles, they are closed in shoes, so they offer more protection than sandals or thongs.

Western Boots

Allingtons have a huge range of western boots. You can call them cowboy boots, cowgirl boots, boot scootin’ boots, riding boots, country boots, or roper boots. They come in ankle boots, short boots, tall boots, and knee-high boots. All of them offer great protection from the elements and look fantastic while they do it. Some are made for work; some are made for safety with steel toes. But all these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days…. Sorry, that’s a song. Anyway…

Soft Toe Work Boots

These are great for working in the garden or when you’re just getting around. They offer some protection but should not be worn for heavy-duty work. Perfect for the garden, the bush and the paddock.

Safety Boots

Steel Toe work boots offer protection for your feet that meets all Australian safety standards. Steel toes are available in multiple styles, so take a look at the range here.

Constructed from man-made materials, Composite toe boots are more lightweight than steel-toe boots. Not all workplaces approve these, so check with your employer before you grab a pair if you want them for work. If you’re shopping for safety boots to wear around your home workshop or the farm, these are the ticket! (In my case I have them for the garden because I’m just plain clumsy.)


These are a popular choice for Police Officers, Emergency Services Personnel, and Security Guards. They’re lightweight and water & heat resistant, making them great for workers on the go.

Safety Joggers

If you don’t need to wear an actual safety boot, safety joggers offer the perfect balance of comfort and protection for most workplaces. If you’re doing more running around than stationary work, they’re great! Again, check with your employer if you’re wanting these for work.


Slip, Slop, Slap...?

When I was a kid it was easy. Slip, Slap, Slop. Right?
Well Sid the Seagull is now singing Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide. Nothing gets easier, does it? Have fun outside but don't get fried. SLIP on a shirt. SLOP on sunscreen. SLAP on a hat. SEEK shade. SLIDE on sunnies.

You'll have to seek your own shade (apart from the shade of your Akubra) but we can help you with sunnies!


We have a great range of safety glasses that double as sunnies featuring UV protection! Pretty cool I reckon. So you're covered whether you're at work or play, no matter what you're getting up to in the great outdoors.


So there are all your options! Get yourself kitted out with Allingtons range of products, and protect yourself no matter what the weather or worksite. There’s something for everyone at Allingtons.


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